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Study missions

  1. Excursion to the typical ecosystems in Ecuador, such as paramo, dry forest, Andean forest, and Amazon rain forest to train German researchers; the excursion will be used also to fine-tune research and therefore also used as meeting of project partners; target group(s): German scientists / students, principal investigators and involved scientists:
    Excursion report Ecuador (PDF)
    Excursion "Ecosystem services and biodiversity in Ecuador2, 1 – 10 March 2020 [PDF]
  2. Mutual visits of guest lecturers – teaching forestry aspects and biome knowledge from IKIAM and techniques in assessing and mapping ecosystem services in the context of sustainability studies from MLU; this will be combined with a mutual short term scientific visit, so that in result of this exchange joint publications are developed; target group(s): PhD students and PostDocs
  3. Field studies of master students – graduation work carried out in the ecoregions dealing with the research questions; target group(s): German and Ecuadorian students
  4. Summer school – a joint summer school at the end of the project (1) will give a better understanding of Ecuadorian ecosystems, biodiversity and culture, (2) will show the results of the studies (3) but also the methods, techniques, data sets, and implications to students from Germany and Ecuador; the summer school will be hold in one of the forest regions of Ecuador which turns out as result of the fast track study to be exposed to the most critical trends in biodiversity and ecosystem service losses; 10 days of training at IKIAM campus, 3 days of excursion to representative ecosystems; one key note speaker from IALE (International Association for Landscape Ecology) in Latin America will be invited to facilitate networking and cooperation; target group(s): B.Sc., M.Sc., PhD students