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Workshop series

The workshops of scientists and experts were merged and conducted online because of COVID-19.
  1. Scientific workshops:
    1. Relations between biodiversity and ecosystem services – selection of ecosystem services with high relevance in Ecuador;
    2. Evaluation of ecosystem services;
    3. Development of scenarios;
    4. Mapping and assessment of ecosystem services using digital tools (GISCAME) – results should be a draft of the evaluation basis and a first screening of the results to identify critical knowledge gaps that should be subject to discussion with experts and local knowledge holders; target group(s): scientists and students
  2. Expert workshops:
    1. Appraisal of the ecosystem services selection and assessment basis – filling knowledge gaps;
    2. Review of the final evaluation basis – credibility / reliability, potential uncertainties; target group(s): mainly experts from national institutions dealing with forestry, nature conservation, water management, climate change, etc.
    The first ECU-MAES International Online Workshop
with Scientists and Experts (PDF)
    The first ECU-MAES International Online Workshop with Scientists and Experts, 7th-11th September 2020 [PDF]
  3. Local knowledge holder workshops (one per each region): to address aspects of uncertainties in the assessment that was named by the scientists and experts; target group(s): representatives from local (forest) communities